About us

Faroe Media is a web agency which provides graphic design and custom programming solutions
Faroe Media is located at the Faroe Islands, situated between the Norwegian Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean.

With customers in the private market, business and public sector Faroe Media have got a lot of experience in our solutions.

Faroe Media has the goal to provide our customers a high-quality solution where excellence is the keyword to our work.

Our vision is always to be in the front of the market with a good price and a product which represent quality in a international standard.

If you are interesting in knowing more about the Faroe Islands you can visit: VisitFaroeIslands.com.
Working process
The team
Jógvan Andersen
Ingi á Steinamørk
Senior Software engineer
Rúna á Steinamørk
Front-end developer
Arnold Jakobsen
Sales coordinator
Eirikur Meitilberg
Art director
Nalin Attanayake
Art director
Heiðavegur 25, 600 Saltangará, Faroe Islands
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